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Code Enforcement and Planning

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1. What type of projects do I need a Building Permit for?
2. Do I need a plumbing permit?
3. Can I do my own plumbing and electrical or do I need to hire a State of Maine Licensed Plumber and Electrician?
4. How close to my property line can I build?
5. If I am planning a project in a Shoreland Zoning District do I need a permit?
6. What type of zoning does Skowhegan have?
7. What does "subdivision" mean?
8. Does the Planning Office have copies of the Flood Insurance Rate Maps?
9. Where do I need to have smoke detectors in my home?

Fire Department

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1. Do I need a burning permit to burn debris on my property?
2. Do I need a burning permit when there is snow on the ground?
3. Do I need a burning permit to have a campfire on my own property?
4. Can I burn at any time during the day?
5. How do I obtain a burning permit?
6. Can I get a permit for more than one day?
7. Can I burn in an incinerator / barrel?
8. Does the Fire Department conduct inspections of woodstoves and chimneys?
9. Will the Fire Department inspect my chimney for cleanliness?
10. Will the Fire Department clean my chimney for me?
11. Will the Fire Department perform a home fire safety inspection in my home?
12. Will the Fire Department rescue my cat from a tree?
13. Will the Fire Department assist me with proper placement of smoke detectors in my home?
14. Does the Fire Department refill, service, or repair fire extinguishers?
15. Will the Fire Department test for carbon monoxide?
16. Does the Skowhegan Fire Department fill swimming pools?

Highway Department

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1. How do I get a road openning permit
2. How do I get a driveway entrance permit?
3. What do I do about a road condition problem? (Pot hole, icy conditions, drifting snow, debris.. etc.)
4. What do I do about a plugged sewer?
5. How do I report damage to any of the bridges in town?


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1. How do I contact a city/county department?
2. Where can I find the answers to my frequently asked questions?


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1. How can I contact the Skowhegan Police Department? Where is it located?
2. I want to report something, but it is not an emergency. Who should I call?
3. When should I call 911?
4. What should I do if I witness a crime?
5. How can I get a copy of an accident report?
6. I have heard the Concealed Weapon Permit law is changing soon; can I still fill out an application and pay to get a permit?
7. Where can I find the laws pertaining to carrying concealed weapons?
8. I need to report something, can I print and fill out a statement before I come in to the police department?
9. My business has received a bad check, is there a form I can fill out before coming in to the police department?
10. I am going on vacation, can I request to have my residence checked periodically by the police?
11. I have a registered and insured vehicle I need to have inspected; do I need to let the police department know before I drive it to the inspection station?
12. Is there a curfew in the town of Skowhegan?
13. I am receiving phone calls and/or mail that I believe to be scams, what should I do?

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