Highway Department

Responsibilities & Services

The Highway Department maintains streets, roads, bridges, sidewalks, and sewers with in the Town of Skowhegan.

The mission of the Skowhegan Highway Department is to improve the quality of life by providing essential services to insure maintenance, improvement and protection of the Town’s infrastructure and natural resources. The Highway Department carries out its mission with:

1. Sensitivity to community needs and resources
2. Awareness of public health issues
3. Dedication to a safe and protected environment
4. An acknowledged responsibility to future as well as present generations 

OUR GOALS          

Goal 1: The Organization - The Highway Department will be a respected, well managed and financially prudent department.
Goal 2: Highway Department - The Highway Department will be an effective multi-disciplinary organization encompassing highways, sewers and mechanical maintenance.
Goal 3: Advocacy - The Road Commissioner will represent the experience and expertise of the Department in contacts with the Public and in consultation with policy matters.
Goal 4: Information and Education - The Highway Department will be prepared with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully manage infrastructure systems and the delivery of Public Works services.
Goal 5: The Public Interest - The Department will deliver services consistent with community expectations for a quality of life in harmony with the need for sustainable development.