To create new TIF

If you are interested in development of a New TIF outside of the Downtown TIF area, these are the steps you will want to follow.


  • Meet with Economic and Community Development to discuss your project
  • You will want to review the Town Policy on New TIF's
  • Fill out a preapplication.
  • Sign a Adminstrative and Professional Fee Agreement
  • Once you have filled out the preapplication and Fee Agreement --submit it to the Economic and Community Development office at 225 Water Street Skowhegan Maine  04976 or email.
Downtown TIF map has been include here to insure that your request is located outside of that coverage area.

New TIF information

Beginning steps to create new TIF district
Town TIF Policy adopted in 6/22/99
Preapplication Link
Administrative and Professional Fee Agreement
State of Maine TIF Rules