Broadband Project in Skowhegan Region

New Story about ACP program in Maine

ACP4ME + Let's Talk Broadband/NTIA Digital Equity Roundup

New Broadband service in Skowhegan, Canaan, Cornville, Madison areas

Consolidated Communications received an 8.827 million grant that covers the entirety of the Skowhegan exchange and entirety of the Madison exchange excluding Starks (Consolidated will be building Starks on its own dime).

Match dollars

  • Consolidated is matching this grant with over $8M of its own money.
  • The Town of Skowhegan is providing $400,000 as match to the project.

Maine Connectivity Authority -- Story on the grant that was received by Consolidated Communications for the Skowhegan region.  (Skowhegan, Canaan, Cornville, Madison, Anson)

Customers can pre - order on Consolidated's website, customers will received an email with updates as the service becomes available.  Fidium is Consolidated's fiber brand name.

  • 2 gig /2gig service
  • 1gig/1gig service
  • 250Mbps/250 Mbps
  • 50mbps /50 Mbps
Apply for Free or Reduced Broadband thru the Affordable Connectivity program
  • Consolidated participates in the affordable connectivity program (ACP), this offers a $30 discount for eligible customers.
Sign up for Business Services
  • 1 gig/1 Gig service
  • 600 Mbps/600 Mbps service
  • 300 Mbps/300 Mbps service